Orange Juice

Each year, Gearbulk vessels carry a substantial volume of orange juice from Brazil to Europe and the US. These volumes have grown substantially since it first entered the juice business in 1998.

Orange is transported in two ways, as frozen concentrate or, more recently, in increasing volumes of pure orange juice in response to consumer demand for 'not from concentrate.' Both products require special care.

Tank temperatures are computer-controlled and closely monitored throughout each voyage. New technology enables a link with shore-based systems so the tanks can also serve as terminal storage facilities between voyages.

Gearbulk orange juice combination carriers are: Ibis Arrow, Mozu Arrow and Jacamar Arrow. The combination carriers are fitted with self-contained juice tanks in some or all of their holds. The tanks, which have been purpose-built to fit the holds, can be easily lifted in or out for loading and discharge.


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