Magahon - Hope rises from the Sea

28 June 2014

In November 2013 Typhoon Haiyan, known as Typhoon Yolanda in the Philipinnes, devastated large areas of Southeast Asia. Gearbulk joined forces with our crewing partner Magsaysay to provide fishing boats to some of the families affected, through the Homer Foundation's Project MagAHON.

On the 28 of June, Maegan Cloutier and Roberto Alzaga from GM Manila joined with representatives from Magsaysay in journeying to Estancia and Concepcion in the Panay Islands for the awarding of 30 boats. A few weeks later on July 19th, Larion Stratov and Boyet Encarnacion also from GB Manila travelled to Roxas City , also in the Panay Islands for the awarding of the final 19 boats in a prestigious ceremony attended by the Governor of the Islands.

All were very moved by the experience, as Boyet recollected " after the awarding ceremony many of the awardees have approached me on a personal level and conveyed their warmest and deepest gratitude, which was a very touching moment because you feel the sincerity of their message in their eyes and their handshakes. Telling me that the awards were instrumental in giving them the opportunity to again continue their daily struggle for survival in life"

Larry remembered how delighted the villages were to receive the new boats and the smiles of the children, particularly after being presented with raincoats and slippers he had purchased with Viena Taminaya as a small personal gesture.

With sound maintenance the boats, although simple in construction and appearance, will serve the fisherman for around 10 years and provide a major source of livelihood for many years benefiting so many people and communities. As Roberto noted on his visit, the boat awarding ceremonies are indeed a very powerful event !

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