Gearbulk takes delivery of first Fleximax II Eco - Lawin Arrow

8 October 2014

Lawin Arrow, the first Fleximax II Eco vessel is the latest in a long line of vessels to be delivered to Gearbulk from Oshima Shipbuilding Co. Ltd in Japan.  She shares the same basic hull design, dimensions and service speed as our Fleximax II vessels also built at Oshima, with a similar deadweight of just under 63,000 mt.

However in the four years since the first of the Fleximax II vessels entered service, the cumulative effect of several design improvements will result in the Lawin Arrow and her three sister vessels consuming 13% less fuel at full speed.

These design improvements focus on three areas - the underwater paint system, the stern area and the main engine. The advanced anti-fouling paint which covers the underwater area prevents marine organisms attaching to the hull and has a low friction property which reduces the fuel needed to propel the vessel through the water. Two devices in front of the propeller - flipper fins and a pre-swirl stator, improve the flow of water into the propeller and hence its efficiency; and an improved rudder design reduces the energy losses in the water after it has passed through the propeller. The vessel is not fitted with a bow thruster and the elimination of the large thruster tunnel underwater reduces the turbulence of the water passing the vessel.

These external efficiency improvements mean that a slightly smaller main engine can be fitted. The engine is de-rated and is electronically controlled which further reduces fuel consumption.

This reduced fuel consumption translates to an equivalent reduction in emissions. Assuming the four Flex II Eco vessels operate at full speed at sea for 250 days per year, then the combined reductions in CO2 emissions is equivalent to taking 7,500 cars off the road in the UK.

This shows Gearbulk's continued commitment to providing its customers with a sustainable means of transporting their cargoes whilst ensuring that our impact on the environment is minimised.

This is acknowledged in the Rightship GHG Emissions A-G rating system - only the second Gearbulk vessel that has achieved the highest A grade rating, Matsu Arrow being the first of the 56,000mt semi opens also from Oshima and delivered a few months ago.