21 March 2013 

The Japin Arrow was successfully delivered from the Oshima Shipbuilding Co Limited Yard in Japan today 21 March 2013. Gearbulk has taken the vessel on a long term bareboat charter from Amber Ocean Corp, a company owned by Sumitomo Corporation.

The vessel is the second Fleximax III on the water after the MV Raven Arrow was delivered from Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Limited in November 2012.

The vessel has a dead weight of 72,400 tonnes and is part of Gearbulk's long term fleet renewal programme which is having a postive effect on the company's carbon footprint. Her carbon footprint per tonne mile of cargo carried is nearly 50% smaller than the third generation vessels it is replacing and compared to Fleximax IIs, the Fleximax III class will carry 15% more cargo for 7% less fuel.