3 June 2013

Gearbulk remains committed to ensure that everyone has a safe place of work with appropriate policies and procedures. To ensure that all sea staff fully understand this commitment a new safety campaign was launched by Kristian Jebsen, Chairman of Gearbulk Holding Limited, on 1 July 2013 which, while focussing primarily on personal safety, will not dilute Gearbulk's resolve on all aspects of safety, including personal, vessel, cargo and the environment.

The campaign will focus on some key areas of personal attention:

  • Company and personal responsibility for safety
  • Procedural compliance and no "cutting corners" 
  • Risk assessment
  • Use of personal protection equipment 
  • Being proactive regarding health, safety and security 
  • Reporting and experience transfer 
  • Training

Kristian Jebsen commented: "The campaign will challenge all staff to reduce the number of accidents on board. Although pressure always exists, there are no boundaries to a safer working environment as we continue our efforts to remain a sustainable and competitive player in our markets."