9 February 2012

Gearbulk is celebrating the arrival of twins.

At a joint ceremony held at Oshima Shipbuilding Co, Ltd today, sister ships Pipit Arrow and Condor Arrow were named. Delivery of these two open hatch jib crane vessels complete a series of eight Fleximax II's built at Oshima.

Sara Geld, wife of Kenneth Geld of Louis Dreyfus Commodities, named the Pipit Arrow while Condor Arrow was named by Carmina Pardo, wife of Willie Mullins of CMPC Celulosa.

The 62,900 metric tonne deadweight vessels are 200 metres long and have eight box-shaped holds each. All eight Fleximax IIs are deployed mainly in pulp trades between North America and South America. 

The first two Fleximax II's, Kiwi Arrow and Toki Arrow were delivered in late 2010 and were followed by Nandu Arrow, Pelican Arrow, Puffin Arrow and Eagle Arrow in 2011.

Later this year, Gearbulk will take delivery of the first of eight Fleximax III vessels, four of which are being built by Oshima and four by Mitsui Shipbuilding & Engineering.