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Fleximax III

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Finch Arrow (M)  

Japin Arrow (O)


Macaw  Arrow (O)


Maitaca Arrow (O)


Petrel Arrow (M)


Raven Arrow (M)


Siskin Arrow (M)


Tanchau Arrow (O)



Fleximax III Open Hatch Jib Crane Vessel Particulars

Years of Build 2012 - 2014
Deadweight Tonnage

73,296 mt (Oshima)

72,924 mt (Mitsui)

Length Overall 210.00 m
Beam 36.00 m

13,793 m (Oshima)

13.835 m (Mitsui)

Gross Reg Tonnage

44,865 mt (Oshima)

46,295 mt (Mitsui)

Net Reg Tonnage

22,321 mt (Oshima)

21,763 mt (Mitsui)

Holds 8
Bale Capacity

84,125 cbm (Oshima)

87,462 cbm (Mitsui)

Jib Cranes 4 x 45 mt
Grabs 4 x 15 cbm

Note: Vessel details may vary.

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