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Our specialised equipment partners perfectly with our specialised fleet. Gearbulk's in-house technicians ensure equipment is maintained to top standards. Ongoing R&D helps us identify how to improve equipment performance and design more advanced cargo handling systems which are built and outfitted in our own workshops. All of which helps us fulfil our commitment to safe cargo loading, discharge and transport. 


Equip Unitising Thumb

The process of untising – strapping together individual bales or bundles into a unit ...

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Air Bags

Equip Air Bags Thumb

Airbag manifolds are highly effective at maintaining tight stowage ...

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Equip Clamps Thumb

Vacuum clamps and head clamps are used to lift large reels of newsprint ...

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Core Probes

Equip Coreprobe Thumb

Core probes which, when placed into the hollow centre of a paper reel's tube ...

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Equip Grabs Thumbnail

All Gearbulk vessels are fitted with electro-hydraulic grabs ranging in capacity ...

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Lifting Frames

Equip Liftingframes Thumb

Gearbulk uses both semi-automatic and manual lifting frames to efficiently load ...

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Pipe Frames & Hooks

Equip Pipesfh Thumbnail

Gearbulk's inventory of pipe frames and hooks allows us to handle many types ...

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Equip Slings Thumb

Gearbulk uses a wide variety of slings to lift many of the commodities we carry ...

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Equip R&D Thumb

As part of our commitment to constantly improve the performance and efficiency ...

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