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Windmills Set Sail

How to move windmills with 80 metre tall towers and 80 and 50 metre long blades? The best way is onboard Gearbulk's open hatch gantry crane vessels where our unobstructed decks are perfect for project cargo needing lots of space and special care.

As the demand for wind power increases, manufacturers of wind turbines around the world are taking advantage of promising export opportunities.  

Because of their height, windmill towers are shipped in sections, while windmill blades travel in one piece.

A typical voyage can carry 20 to 30 tower sections on deck. Weighing 60 metric tonnes and above, these enormous pieces require complex calculations to ensure stowage with proper weight distribution and adequate securing to restrict movement at sea. Loading 20 to 30 tower sections takes about a day. While lashing and securing takes another day. Throughout the voyage, crews are constantly checking the lashings, adjusting as needed.

Windmill blades present similar challenges and in spite of their size, their aerodynamic design makes them quite lightweight and fragile. On one recent voyage, Gearbulk carried 45 sets of 50 metre long windmill blades from China to British Columbia. 

As more regions around the world embrace wind power, new export markets are opening up. One part of the globe wind power specialists are expecting to grow at a faster pace than others is Brazil - where Gearbulk has a long history of service and a strong presence.

Project Cargo

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