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Web Slings Recycled

As part of its commitment to the principles of ISO14001, Gearbulk has found novel uses for web slings that have reached the end of their cargo-handling life.

Each year Gearbulk uses thousands of web slings for lifting cargoes during loading and discharge. Safety procedures require lifting slings to be inspected prior to every use. Those showing any sign of damage are withdrawn from service. But rather than consign them to land fill or incineration, Gearbulk has been exploring other uses for the retired slings.

One use is to stitch several together to provide alternative protective material for cargo stowage. Another is recycling them into insulation. The web slings are broken down to their base fibrous state then rewoven to form light matting which has excellent insulation qualities and is used in clothing such as Gearbulk sea staff's heavy weather gear.

In 2011, Gearbulk recycled 13% of its retired web slings which increased in 2012 to 70%.

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