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Taking delivery of Japin Arrow

The MV Japin Arrow is Gearbulk's second Fleximax III vessel to be delivered in 2013. This class of vessel is Gearbulk's first to have a beam of 36m.

Captain Sanjay Srivastava gives an insight into life on board during the maiden voyage of one of our new Fleximax III vessels.

Following plenty of preparation by the yard personnel and the Indian crew the delivery day March 21 arrived. It was hectic to get everything in order for sailing but all of us were looking forward to delivery day, eager to be able to use the equipment and machinery.

A poster was displayed mentioning that MV Japin Arrow is the world's largest box shaped bulk vessel. That really surprised and pleased us, we felt very proud and honoured.

Following the naming ceremony the guests came onboard for a visit and presentation on the bridge. However as is typical in Japan everything works to plan and after a short tour, the vessel was ready to sail. During the sailing out ceremony the ship's crew threw coloured tapes towards the guests from the main deck as we cast off. You could see all the guests waving us goodbye.

As the pilot disembarked and we increased speed and started to use all the systems on the bridge or in the engine room, we all felt very happy to be using the latest technology which is fitted on the vessel.

We are very pleased that such a large ship has very economical fuel and
lube oil consumption. Having been at sea for several weeks and tested all the systems we find the ship to be very well equipped.


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