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Non-Ferrous Metals

Gearbulk is the largest carrier of aluminium products and has a long tradition of providing logistics and transportation solutions for the aluminium industry whose products are second only to steel as the world's most used metal.

A high value cargo that is often traded and re-traded while in transit, aluminium requires secure and damage free shipment and storage. Mainly shipped as ingots, billets and slabs produced in the smelting process, it is well suited to unitising for safe stowage with minimal handling in Gearbulk's box-shaped holds with wide open hatches. Ventilation and dehumidification systems and constant checking by crew ensure stable conditions while at sea.

Two of our terminal operations, Metal Terminals in Belgium and Arrow Terminals in Malaysia, are licensed by the London Metal Exchange as part of its global network of storage facilities where approved stock can be held on behalf of warrant holders.


Aluminium Slabs

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Aluminium Sows

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Gearbulk's Metal Terminals International Certified as Authorised Economic Operator

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G2 Ocean given all anti trust approvals

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