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Strong & Consistent Governance

Strong and consistent governance makes it possible for Gearbulk to realise its Vision, Mission and Values. 

Gearbulk Holding AG is managed by its Board of Directors, which sets overall strategy and meets regularly. The Board's Audit Committee, comprised of non-executive directors, meets at least three times a year. It oversees financial reporting, internal controls, risk management, audit processes, compliance monitoring and business conduct.

Under Board mandate, the Gearbulk Leadership Team guides implementation of strategies developed and approved by the Board and coordinates group activities.  


Board of Directors

Kristian Jebsen

Hans Olav Lindal

Has Petter Aas

Toshiaki Tanaka

Jun Hoshino

Risk Management

About _govern _risk

Risk management is an integral part of our business processes and decision making. It fosters continual improvement throughout our organisation.

Our Chief Risk Officer reports directly to the Board's Audit Committee. Gearbulk is a member of the Maritime Anti Bribery & Corruption Network (MACN). MACN's vision is a maritime industry free of corruption that enables fair trade. 





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Sustainability Governance

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